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 S. No. Author Name of the work Published Year of
  UNIDO/Nomisma  UNIDO/ITALY SME Cluster Program  UNIDO  1997 
2   Patries Boekhold  The public sector at arms length or in charge? Towards a typology of cluster policies   Technopolis  1997 
3   Enright J . Michael   The Globalisation of Competition and the Localisation of Competitive Advantage: Policies toward Regional Clustering  University of Hong Kong  1998 
4   Sengenberger & Lovemann  Introduction, Economic & Social Reorganisation in the small and medium enterprise sector in "The re-emergence of small enterprises"  NA  NA 
5   Bianchi, Miller  The Italian SME experience & Possible lessons for developing Countries   UNIDO  1997 
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7   Bertini S.  SME’s in the Evolution of the Italian & Indian Industrial Systems   UNIDO  1994 
8   Pyke Frank   Promoting Enterprise Through Networked Regional Development   UNIDO  1998 
9   Consorzio San Daniele   Taste the difference  S. Daniele consortium  1999 
10   FIDINDUSTRIA  FIDINDUSTRIA   Fidindustria  1999 
11   Gibson Alan   The Development of Markets for Business Development Services: Where we are and how to go further  ILO  1999 
12   Economic Development Administration  Cluster-Based Economic Development - A key to regional competitiveness  EDA  1997 
13   UNCTAD (Geneva)  Role of Govt. & Private Sector in SME Promotion (ASTER)  UNCTAD  1997 
14   Clara Michele, Russo Fabio & Gulati Mukesh   Cluster Development and BDS promotion: UNIDO's Experience in India   UNIDO  2000 
15   Luca Baldani Gian   Inter Firm Cooperative in Italy   UNIDO  NA 
16   Nesheim  Norwegian Business Network programme   Univ. of Oslo  1995 
17   Pyke Frank   An international survey of intermediary Institutions & programmes   UNIDO  1996 
18   Clara Michele   Going Beneath the surface : UNIDO industrial cluster programme & a new research agenda for the study of industrial districts   UNIDO  1998 
19   Enright J. Michael  Survey on the characterisation of regional clusters  working paper  2000 
20   Rosenfield Stuart A.  Overachievers - Business Clusters that work  Regional technology strategy  1996 
21   Clara Michele   ENEA - Programmes of R & D support to SMEs'  UNIDO  1998 
22   Clara Michele   Real Service Centres in Italian Industrial Districts Lessons Learned from a Comparative Analysis   UNIDO  1995 
23   Clara Michele   Promesedia - Marketing support furniture   UNIDO  1998 
24   Clara Michele   Quality Consortia - Parma and San Daniele - Food processing   UNIDO  1998 
25   Clara Michele   Consorzio del Prosciutto Di - San Daniele- Governance - Food Processing   UNIDO  1998 

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